Food Photography


Food photography is definitely the most delicious type of photography. Presenting the food dishes and products not only in perfect way, but also in a way that will provoke the viewers’ appetite, we are trying to represent the tasty in picture.

We can offer you professional food photography for packaging, cookbooks, editorial and commercial publications, internet and brochures, professional images for promoting you restaurant or new culinary product, menus and everywhere the professional photography is necessity.

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The photo session could take place in our restaurant or in our studio.

Photographing the culinary products and dishes in your restaurant could have some advantages over doing the photo session in studio. The biggest advantage is when; we have to photograph the whole menu. I am sure that your cook will feel much comfortable cooking in your kitchen. The other important aspect is that shooting in you restaurant, we can capture some of the atmosphere of the place and use it as a background for the dishes. That could make the images much more interesting for the view, as they will be able to see not only the beautiful dishes, but some of what the restaurant looks like as well.

However, you should know that food photography requires some working area, where we can set up the lights and stands.


On the other hand, studio food photography has its advantages, as well.  Photographing in the studio, we can build a special set which will help, creating specific mood and atmosphere. When executing some ideas that may require extra space the studio is definitely the best choice. Moreover, in our photography studio we have a lot of different surfaces that we can shoot on.

Typically the studio photography is best for shooting commercials, when a specific idea should be executed and that will require building a set. Photographing in you restaurant is best way to go, when we have to photograph a lot of dishes or you want to incorporate the restaurants atmosphere into the images.



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